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I grew up in the San Francisco suburb of Lafayette.   The youngest of three, I received my love of the arts at a young age when my parents made it a point to take my brothers and I to museums, concerts, plays, and other cultural experiences, believing that exposure to the arts was just as important as the education we received in the classroom.

At 6 years old, I saw my first play at the famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  I can still remember way the blue lights shown upon the white costumes in A Winter's Tale. This image has been ingrained in mind and was the start of my love of theatre and photography.

This was also the catalyst for my attending Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR (home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival) where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts.  I knew I wanted to be where near where my introduction to storytelling and color began.

My photography influences are sparked by my curiosity of my surroundings and the dramatic connections between theatre and photography.  I am drawn to the same elements of both, good lighting, vivid color, well framed subjects, and a story.

Member of the Ashland Gallery Association and the Rogue Gallery & Art Center.


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